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Non-Judgmental Support During Transitions

This time of life is particularly stressful for most young adults, even more so in NYC where it can seem like everyone around you has their life together (well, according to social media at least). Together I help my clients identify personal goals and develop/strengthen coping mechanisms that better serve them once they've graduated.  

I work with both high school and college students supporting their transition to their next step.  And I've found that you don't have to be a Junior or Senior to feel anxious about responsibilities and your future, it is very normal for Freshmen and Sophomores to have these feelings as well!

I support my clients' self exploration and provide a safe space to help them better understand their thoughts and feelings, develop their individuality, work through fears, help them structure their schedules more efficiently, and stay on whatever track they choose.  We also prepare for their next stage in life--- whether it be moving away from their home and family and leaving for college, or entering into their post-college life, which is often a very conflictual time in one's life.

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