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Couple having relationship problems and


Relationships in New York City are difficult.  There can be temptation, too many others with whom to compare your partner, financial pressures, parenting conflicts, and a variety of other unique stressors.

In addition to having extensive experience working with the romantic partners of narcissists and psychopaths, I work with male and female clients to:

- Process painful relationship experiences and relationship endings

- Determine whether they're with the right person

- End relationships that are no longer serving them

- Help them stay in healthy relationships and not sabotage them (which I often see happen, and help clients avoid)

- Identify toxic and dysfunctional communication patterns and learn how to adopt more productive and loving ones to deepen their relationship with their partner

- Identify shared values and couple goals so that a road to marriage can be paved

- Help clients survive the often toxic wedding planning phase

- Explore divorce and support clients through divorce proceedings

- Help clients redefine their life after divorce and reenter dating world if they choose to do so

- Support men and women involved in abusive relationships and help them extricate themselves from these relationships

Please "get in touch" with Mariel below to learn more about relationship counseling, marriage counseling, and divorce counseling.

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