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Everyone's Journey is Their Own

Fertility Issues & Pregnancy

The journey to having a child is made up of unique paths.  Miscarriages and other fertility issues are often an unspoken stop along the way.  I work with women to explore their fertility experiences and support them as they endure the process of having their child- whether it be through pregnancy and giving birth, surrogacy, or adoption.   

Postpartum Feelings

Now you have your baby and you're supposed to be feeling on top of the world, right? But instead thoughts are going through your mind about not being good enough, maybe feeling regret, feeling overwhelmed, feeling very, very sad, feeling angry... feeling like you can't talk about this with anyone, feeling ashamed.  Maybe you have ups and down, good days and bad days.  But you know you don't want to feel this way anymore.

Mariel works with women experiencing postpartum depression and other postpartum feelings and provides a nonjudgmental space for mothers to say whatever is on their mind. These feelings are absolutely normal, even universal. Having a child is TOUGHER than anyone told us it would be, but you can get through this, and your feelings about parenting can and will shift through tools gained in our therapy.  


Parenting is different in New York City. From the journey of having your child to the chaos and conflict of raising your child, being a mom or dad can be the most rewarding experience of your life, but also the most draining. In NYC you have to navigate; the public and private school system, the social world of children and parents, difficult relatives, costly new expenses, and not to mention the competitive world of preschools! Coupled with taking care of and providing for a family, maintaining friendships and/or a romantic relationship, and finding time for a personal life… IT CAN FEEL IMPOSSIBLE.  

​I work with single and married parents to help them feel more in control of their lives, manage their communication with their children and loved ones, and develop patience and understanding with more challenging children and children with special needs. I seek to create a non-judgmental atmosphere where parents can feel comfortable sharing however they’re feeling about parenthood- the good, the bad, and the ugly.   I've found that it helps my clients to verbalize these feelings aloud and that therapeutic parenting support can go a long way.   

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