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Expert Psychotherapy for Living in a Modern World

Mariel Chloe Mangold is a skilled psychotherapist who specializes in the unique issues of modern living. 

New York City is fast-paced, densely populated, and highly competitive. This presents those who live here with distinct challenges, both personally and professionally. Mariel has established herself as one of NYC's preeminent therapists for adolescents and adults, she is especially known in the industry as the therapist to turn to when you're ready for serious therapy and real change. For nearly 15 years, she has a proven track record of her clients successfully reaching their goals.  Mariel is a therapist because she enjoys helping her clients understand their experiences, understand themselves, and, ultimately, have more days that make them laugh and smile.

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Dating in 2024

Relationships, Marriage, Divorce and Narcissistic Partners

Job Issues and Satisfaction

Fertility and Family Planning 

Postpartum Feelings

Parenting in NYC

Transitions To and From College

Difficult/Narcissistic Mothers, Fathers and Family Members


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“Mariel has been extremely instrumental in helping me work through my challenges over the past two and a half years. She gives each of her clients the type of care and attention that makes you forget she even has other clients. Her patience, support, and guidance have given me the courage to battle my demons and become closer to the person that I want to be.”

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Tenured Psychotherapist Who Puts You at Ease

"I am trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and I do my best to make my office a place of supportive exploration.  It is my belief that by connecting our past to our present, we are able to gain a better understanding of our feelings, behaviors, relationships, and experiences. I don't view therapy as "one size fits all". Instead, I meet you where you're at and tailor your sessions to your needs..." click here to continue reading about Mariel.


For Mariel's clients' convenience, she has two Manhattan office locations- The Upper East Side and Union Square.

Upper East Side Location

330 East 79th Street, Suite 1G

New York, New York  10075

Union Square Location

96 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1K

New York, New York  10011


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View of Union Square from a shop, New Yo
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